There’s nothing more important than health. Without health, life is a living hell. Let me tell you about the hell that I’ve been through.

At 74 years old, I’ve been an MD for over half my life, but a patient my whole life. I was a premature, low-birth-weight baby, and I’ve had more than my share of health problems. Frankly, I became a doctor in order to heal myself.

In medical school, I asked my professors for help. After hospitalizing and medicating me, they said  that my problems might be congenital or genetic. Then they made slides of my blood and took pictures of my mouth, as teaching material. The whole experience made me feel hopeless about my health and profession.

Nevertheless, I persevered, graduated, and became board-certified. At the end of my formal education, I had a title, a license to practice, and a prescription pad. But I was still sick and had no answers.

So I embarked on a medical odyssey of healers and quacks, who left me wiser but wizened, weak, and thin. As a last resort, I tried to eat better and discovered that my hunger for healing, and thirst for knowledge, were just plain hunger and thirst.

By trial and error, over many years, I helped myself with a balanced, organic, addiction-free lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, which I call the LOVE Diet. Nutritious and tasty, safe and affordable, my LOVE Diet has helped family members, friends, patients, and colleagues.

This website and my book are the culmination of my odyssey as a patient and doctor. I wrote them to remind everyone that life is a daily struggle between health and sickness, that healthcare depends on self-care, and that your hunger and thirst come first.