The Old Testament refers to Israel as the Land of Milk and Honey. This metaphor suggests comfort, sweetness, and peace. But Israel has never known peace. Today, Israel and the Middle East are on the verge of a war that could ignite World War III. The conflict in the Middle East is so complex that it defies description or solution. Political scientists, sociologists, economists, linguists, historians, and theologians are stumped. Meanwhile, the world watches and waits.

Perhaps the conflict in the Middle East needs a new perspective. Let's return to the biblical metaphor of milk and honey. We've heard this phrase so many times that we accept it as gospel. We all know what milk is, but what is honey? Honey is nectar from flowers that bees collect, digest, regurgitate, and concentrate. So honey is food made by and for bees.

Since nectar is sugar water, honey is concentrated sugar. This is why honey is so sweet and addictive. It's amazing how many people are addicted to honey and consider it a health food. When you challenge these people about honey, they become angry and defensive - a sure sign of addiction. Like all addictive substances, honey creates insatiable cravings that undermine our physical and emotional health.

This website describes two opposite diets: the LOVE Diet (nutrition) and the HATE Diet (addiction). The LOVE Diet (which includes milk) and the HATE Diet (which includes honey) correspond to the metaphor of milk and honey.

The LOVE and HATE Diets are true to their names. People on the LOVE Diet tend to be calm, stable, and peaceful. People on the HATE Diet tend to be angry, erratic, and violent. Diet and behavior are inseparable.

People in the Middle East have a lot of addictions. Perhaps some of the anger and violence in the Middle East is due to these addictions. Why not give the Peace Table a new menu? Peace and health are inseparable.


"Your approach seems innovative and humane. I do believe that the simplest answer is probably the right one, and I think you have found proof of what can be confused as obvious: soothing hunger and thirst brings peace to individuals, but it can also pacify society."
- International Political Science Association - Canada

"Bravo! I am glad you have this approach. It is very constructive. I have friends from all over the Middle East who have been working tirelessly on the Water for Peace project in spite of all the violence and danger to themselves. Peace is possible!"
- PhD in Anthropology - U.S.

"Good work, thanks!"
- Photojournalist - Yugoslavia and Mexico

"Your statement 'It's more humane to cure your enemies than to kill them' is stunning. Your website is a totally generous gift to the world and of huge value to people all over Earth. We're so grateful to know you and to see your crystal-clear information, given so freely by you. With our appreciation and warmest wishes to you."
- Pediatric Dentist and Clinical Social Worker - U.S.

"Hugh, your website is great. I enjoyed reading every bit of it. It's amazing the way you interpret life and health. You did a great job. Keep up the things that you do best. You're doing an awesome job."
- Nurse and Master of Public Health - Lebanon

"Thank you most sincerely for your very nice e-mail. I found your website very interesting. Please let me quote from the Holy Koran: 'Saving one life is like saving all of humanity, while taking one life is like killing all of humanity.' The scientific community has a moral obligation to alleviate poverty and malnutrition, and develop programs to help humanity instead of creating conflicts and war."
- PhD, Forage Legume Breeder - Syria

"I love your site. It is very important for our daily lives. I hope we can spread this message all over the world. If you have published a book in this area, please let me know. With all my best wishes."
- PhD, Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Environment - Egypt

"I appreciate your sensitive, caring, generous, hard-won discoveries, borne of a difficult struggle and committed, not-to-be-deterred quest. So may it be - peace for all nations, all people, all families, and all individuals - all trees and llamas and seagulls and each blade of grass with its corresponding star in heaven - for all struggling, aspiring creatures - all of us suspended over the vast and endless void."
- EdD, Professor of Jewish Thought - U.S. and Israel

"Your site is educative and the goal of your project humanistic as it touches the very basic human need, which is food. There is no peace when the stomach is not at peace, we say in Africa. Peace is not a philosophy but a practical ideal, and highlights that ideal."
- Author-Poet and Director Transcend Africa Network - Africa

"I very much agree with your assessment. We think the war on terror is the big killer. Instead, it is as you suggest, tobacco and alcohol that are killing both the Islamic world and the Western world. Keep up the good work."
- PhD in Political Science and Futurist - Australia

"Very interesting website. I like: 'Why not give the Peace Table a new menu?' I think you are a 100% right, a new menu and a new perspective on life. I think this website is an idea whose time has come."
- Arabs for Israel - U.S.

"There is an old Somali proverb (Nabad iyo Chaano) that is translated as Peace and Milk. The story goes that without peace there can be no milk, and without milk there can be no peace."
- PhD in History - U.S.

"Dear friend Hugh Mann, thank you for writing and visiting Iraqi Papers. I posted your comments in the letters section of the site, so many visitors can go directly to your site. Great site and very beneficial to many people. Best of Luck and Happy Holidays."
- Iraqi Papers - Iraq

"I find your association of milk and honey with love and hate to be fascinating. As far as the Middle East, I don't think anyone has considered diet as a way to solve the problem. Politicians think that looking at political goods is the way to go: security, lands, human and political rights, and so forth. Looking at things like health and cultural considerations is off the scope for politicians and that is absolutely wrong. I don't think the goals of the Roadmap or any other plan can be achieved without attention to the kinds of issues you have indicated."
- PhD in Middle Eastern Languages and History - U.S.

"I read Land of Milk and Honey and liked it a lot. It proposes a very interesting approach related to Mideastern Peace. You are right in saying that people in the Middle East consume a lot of honey, sugar, tobacco, tea, and coffee."
- PhD in Environmental Politics of the Middle East - U.S.

"Thank you so much for writing to me and especially for leading me to your wonderful website. I see the wisdom of your page and would also like to interweave it with some economic visions calling for social justice."
- MD and Peace Activist - Egypt

"Thank you for inviting me to visit your site. I find it very interesting and full of wise ideas and suggestions. I will forward your site to my colleagues. I hope this will help you to share your new approach with many people. I wish you every success."
- Ukrainian Center for Common Ground

"It's a very interesting website. Thank you for calling my attention to it. Do you have any interest in advising us when we build a medical clinic at an indigenous village in Israel, April 2003?"
- Peace Activist - Israel

"I agree with all your arguments, especially about the association between violence and diet. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years, and I am a very calm, peaceful person with a lot of animal friends. I think the problem is not only the Middle East, but people living the wrong way all around the world. I hope your views are appreciated by more people. Thanks for the inspiration."
- PhD in International Relations - Turkey

"Just to let you know that our Director has visited your website and found it enlightening - especially the page about the LOVE Diet. Keep up the good work."
- Israeli-Palestinian Public Policy Think Tank - Jerusalem