I'm not well
If you are sick

I'm not rich
If you are poor

I can't live
If you're not free

I depend on you
And you can depend on me

A brother is no bother
We all have the same Father

- Hugh Mann

"Assalaamu Alaikum. Thank you for your poem - and for the spirit of religious tolerance which underlies it."
- Ministry of Haj - Saudi Arabia

"Thank you for sending this articulation of human unity."
- PhD in Education - Professor - UNESCO Prize for Peace - U.S.

"I like your poem, Brother, very much. How can I laugh if humanity is crying? How can I eat if humanity is hungry? Your small poem exhibits the essence of humanity. I am a Gandhian scholar, and I mentioned your poem at the university where I teach."
- PhD in Political Science - Professor - India

"Thank you, brother."
- PhD in Chemistry - President of Qatar University - Qatar

"Thank you for sending us your poem and Peace Poetry. We wish you every success in your poetic initiative."
- International Atomic Energy Agency - Vienna, Austria

"Grazie! Bello!"
- Focolare Movement International - Italy

"Dear brother and friend, I enjoyed very much reading your poem. It is direct to the human spirit. I hope that there are many people like you in the world. At this time, we need people like you to heal our spiritual pain and lead us the right way as human beings with a human touch. I shared your poem with my colleagues and family."
- PhD in Agriculture - Professor - Syria

"Thank you. You have put the golden rule into a simple poem."
- Anti-Defamation League - International

"Thanks a lot for your poem. I was moved by it, especially by the last verse. I think people need to be continually reminded of this fact - our having the same parents, Adam and Eve - peace be upon them."
- PhD in Sociolinguistics - Professor - Qatar

"There, my friend, you have the teachings of Judaism, Christianity, etc. etc."
- Interfaith Minister for the Sick - U.S.

"Thank-you very much for sharing your poem with us. It is quite touching. The idea that our own well-being is intimately connected with the well-being of the entire global family, is one that we resonate with. I hope you don't mind if I circulate your poem with some of my colleagues."
- Mennonite Peace Ministries - Canada

"I like it! With a few words you were able to convey a lot of feeling."
- United Nations - U.S.

"Thank you for your e-mail and your lovely poem, Brother. It was most moving. It says so much about the 'haves and the have nots' of this world. At this time of terrible sorrow over the horrific happenings at the World Trade Center, it is good to have something of peace propagated. I also see a great connection with the Beatitudes that Jesus Himself spoke in His day. May you be blessed in your work and great talent."
- Roman Catholic Nun - Maryknoll Sisters - U.S.

"Thank you for the poem. We appreciate your good will."
- Embassy of Afghanistan - Brussels, Belgium

"I wish we had people like you all over the world who think about others and feel the pain of others."
- Islamic Educator - U.S.

"Thank you for the poem. It is simple but with a deep insight."
- PhD in Philosophy - Professor and Author - China

"Many thanks for your email. Your poem and Peace Poetry are ingenious and very creative. You are "thinking outside the box" which is always good. I hope that you have at least some success."
- PhD in History - Faculty of Ludwig von Mises Institute - U.S.

"Dear Hugh, Thanks for your poem."
- Supreme Court Justice - Australia

"Thank you for sending me your poem, Brother. I read it and for a while, for a moment, I was reminded that there is the possibility of peace, that it will come."
- Interfaith Minister for the Homeless - U.S.

"Dear Hugh, Thank you for this touching and significant poem. I've printed it out to post and share with our English-speaking foreign guests. With much love from India."
- Sikh Interfaith Community - India

"Beautiful and deep poem, Mr Mann. Thanks for sharing it."
- World Bank Group - Rwanda

"Thanks for the poem - it is very moving."
- Greenpeace - U.K.

"Hugh, this is so beautiful. Can I read it today at a dinner in Amman, Jordan, on your behalf? We will be awarding a friend of ours who was in prison and is now free."
- Attorney and Expert in Conflict Resolution - Syria and Canada

"Thanks. Reminds me of Martin Luther King's statement: No one is free until all are free."
- Professor at Theological Seminary - U.S.

"Thank you for your nice poem. If you have more poems regarding peace poetry, please send them to me."
- PhD in Arabic Literature - Professor - Morocco

"Thanks! This poem is great!"
- MD, Professor, and Poet - Israel

"This is really nice. Thanks."
- PhD - Director - Peace Think Tank - Palestine

"Dear Hugh - Thanks. Timely. I'll use the poem in the context of a sermon and prayers tomorrow, as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the work of Amnesty International."
- Anglican Priest, Publisher, and Author - Wales

"Thank you very much for the poem. Best of luck."
- Global Ethic Foundation - Switzerland

"Dear Hugh, Thank you so much for sharing this poem with us. I love the inter-connectedness theme throughout the poem. What a great way to express the spirit of religious pluralism."
- Interfaith Youth Core - U.S.

"Thank you, sir. I really appreciate it."
- Engineer and Former Army Officer - Iraq

"Your poem is beautiful. Congratulations!"
- PhD in Literature - Theater Director and Peace Activist - Israel

"Dear Hugh, I like your poem. Please keep up the good work."
- PhD in Economics - Professor and Author - Pakistan and U.S.

"Right on target. Thank you."
- Roman Catholic Missionary - U.S.

"Your poetry gave me good feelings about your thoughts. Thank you for writing."
- PhD in Statistics - Professor - Oman

"Thank you for sharing this with us. I wish I could be as eloquent as your reviewers but I agree it is a beautiful reflection of the golden rule… a rule that would have amazing ramifications if the human race made it our “code de vie”. The finest truths need not be verbose. Very Rumi-esque!"
- Daniel Pearl Foundation - U.S.

"Dear Hugh, Thank you. I will try to have this published."
- Roman Catholic Interfaith Peace Organization - U.K.

"Thank you. Keep up the faith."
- Professor of Translation - Saudi Arabia

"Thank you for sharing your thoughts. May many people share your sensitivity and insight."
- Protestant Missionary and Publisher - U.S.

"Thank you for the nice poem."
- Professor of Educational Technology - Turkey

"Dear Hugh, Thank you so much for your poem, which does speak to our common ground, our common humanity."
- Network for Grateful Living - U.S.

"Nice one, Hugh. We are one family, and if my brothers are sick, poor, captive, dependent, so are we. But my question is why has it taken us so long to realise this?"
- PhD in Accounting - Professor - Australia

"Dear Hugh, This is solid, short and clear. I thank you and pray that God bless all."
- Jesuit Priest - Brazil

"Hugh, it is beautiful. Thank you so much."
-JD, PhD in History - Fellow at Think Tank - U.S.

"Many thanks to you! It's really excellent, and it enlightens me!"
- PhD in Electrical Engineering - Professor - China

"It is a nice poem. Thank you and best wishes."
- PhD in Environmental Science - Professor - Jordan

"Thank you very much for sending me such a wonderful poem."
- Professor of Legal Studies, Jesuit University - U.S.

"Beautifully said - bless you for this."
- PhD in English - Professor - U.S.

"Thank you for that! Just what I needed this morning. I look forward to reading more examples of your poetry. 'Brother' will be shared with my four parishes via the weekly newsletter - with full acknowledgement of course."
- Anglican Curate and Rector - Wales

"Thanks for the beautiful poetry."
- MD - Family Physician - India

"Thank you so much!"
- PhD in Environmental Science - Professor - China

"Dear Hugh, Thanks for your poem. Best wishes."
- Director - Christian Muslim Forum - U.K.

"Thank you for those enriching thoughts."
- PhD in Philosophy - Jesuit Priest and Professor - U.S.

"Thanks for your kind gestures. The words are inspiring."
- School Teacher - Nigeria

"Dear Hugh, I read your poem. It's very nice and pithy."
- PhD - Professor of French - U.K.

"Beautiful poem - and very interesting website."
- Common Tables - U.S.