"Thank you. Your website and philosophy are wonderful."
- M.D., Medical Director, Substance Abuse Center - U.S.

"I just had a brief look at your website. We are always interested in new approaches to help people gain and maintain sobriety. It is amazing how many people who suffer from addiction have problems with food. And indeed self-care is an important issue. We are convinced that self-empowerment is the key to success. I will forward your website to our members so that they can give their opinion, and I will create a link to your website on ours. I will also send it to a friend in London who is interested in the relationship between health, self-care, and food."
- SOS Sobriety - Belgium

"I have had a long thoughtful look at your page on addiction, and it is the best writing on this subject I have seen. It gave me a new way to look at the whole subject. Addiction to anything is serious, and I thank you for giving us a little different slant on it."
- Bereavement Counsellor - Canada

"I enjoyed the visit to your web site. I think that you focus on the issues of addiction that relate to everyone, which is a breath of fresh air since I work in the area of addiction to hard drugs. Nice job."
- PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology - U.S.

"It's an excellent article and understanding of addiction. Very important, really."
- Psychotherapist - France

"I appreciated your insight that addiction is big business. I agree, not only with the various industries that produce addictive substances - legal and illegal - but also the treatment industry. Society plays a fascinating game of luring people in with seductive images of just how fun addictive behaviors can be (ie, alcohol, smoking, fast food), then judges them mercilessly when they succumb. What a paradox!"
- PhD in Clinical Psychology - U.S.

"I think this is a very helpful explanation. Not many people put these 'foods' together with an addiction, certainly not with having repercussions of sickness."
- Journalist and Advocate for the Disabled - U.S.

"I was very impressed with the way in which you stated the problem. It is very to the point and very clear. I liked your way of expressing this huge problem in such a way that makes one think and gives information at the same time. I personally am in the process of starting support groups for individuals dealing with prescription and over-the-counter drug addictions. These are another part of the fabric of sickness we fall into, as you so aptly stated. I wish you the very best in getting your message out there - it is so important. Thank you for being someone who cares about his fellow man."
- Drug Counselor - U.S.

"Your site and work are very rich."
- PhD in Psychology of Addictions Psychotherapy - U.S.

"Your page hits the mark about addiction, and as you suggest, all forms of substance abuse have gotten out of hand. I wish you the very best of luck in trying to help people find their way back to sanity and naturally good health."
- Naturopathic Physician - U.S.