"After visiting your website, I'd like to send you my best compliment: your medical Weltanschauung is based entirely on the greatest LOVE: love for life, mankind, diet, and medicine. An old Indian proverb says: 'There are a thousand suns above the clouds.' This evening I saw a really wonderful one. Un saluto dall'Italia."
- MD, Author and Researcher - Italy

"Thanks, Dr. Mann. This is a very helpful resource."
- PhD, Director, Medical Industry Leadership Institute - U.S.

"Thank you for informing me of your website. I can see it will have high value for people grappling with health problems and the side-effects of the pharmaceuticals they are often prescribed. I also like your philosophy on health, which appears to be based on eating and living according to what is natural for humans."
- PhD in Health Economics - U.K.

"Superb site! What an amazing story too. I wish there were more physicians like you."
- Clinical Nutritionist - South Africa

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- PhD in Cultural Anthropology - Germany

"Great site. This is the kind of wisdom that real doctors who take their mission and responsibility seriously try to integrate into their patient care."
- MD, Clinical Instructor in Ambulatory Care and Prevention - U.S.

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- Health Writer and Editor, National Institutes of Health - U.S.

"Well said, Hugh. You think like a philosopher. I have read your aphorisms and learnt much from them. I also reject conventional medicine and take care of my own health. I hope we meet one day. Pax tibi."
- PhD, Professor of Philosophy - Pakistan and U.S.

"Truly superb. If humanity could implement your good advice we might live in the Garden of Eden rather than in the present hell."
- PhD, Professor of Evolutionary Biology - Israel

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- Publisher, The Green Guide - U.S.

"Your website is interesting and informative, along with being well-designed and easy to navigate. I think your overall message is an important one for people to learn: that while pharmaceuticals have a significant role in healthcare, they are not the whole solution. Clean air, pure water, organic food, and the avoidance of toxins and addictions, as you explain, are key to good health. You list many practical, how-to solutions for people; I was particularly impressed by the depth of research that clearly informed your LOVE diet. This site will certainly prove useful to many people seeking to improve their lives and their health, especially patients suffering from chronic conditions that traditional medicine has not effectively addressed."
- MD, PhD Professor of Social Medicine - U.S.

"Well done for trying to talk some sense into the world."
- PhD, Professor of Public Health - Hong Kong

"Thanks Hugh. What you are doing is quite wonderful and I believe will be the norm and accepted practice soon. I work two days a week as a nurse (to support my freelance journalism habit) and am still confounded by the number of medications elderly people must take in nursing homes. It's quite horrific, and many nurses have been upset about this for years, I know. Your diets and other wisdoms are so right - I just wish you all the best for all your good work."
- Nurse and Journalist - Australia

"Thanks for the excellent material on health. I'm an organic farmer and gardener, so I know what you're talking about and practice much of it. Everything you wrote is so simple and logical that it is incontrovertible, and thus qualifies as truth."
- State Representative - U.S.

"Fun and wise. Thank you."
- Director, Alternative Medicine Foundation - U.S.

"What a splendid fund of common sense in your website! We've all become so conditioned to looking for quick fixes that, as you suggest, we ignore the solution which is right under our collective nose (or on our breakfast table): if we want a healthy life we should eat healthy food. Thank you so much - I'm forwarding a link to your site to several friends."
- Radio Journalist - U.K.

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- PhD in Medical Anthropology - U.S.

"I found your website extremely useful and knowledgeable. I also found it very simple, the way our food and life should be. Technology sometimes makes things complex as it has done to our food, resulting in the abundance of canned, frozen and altered foods, and consequently depriving us of natural fresh produce. Having a Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry and ten years of research and publications in this area, I try to practice holistic nutrition in my daily life. I found your LOVE diet very useful. If we are to follow this LOVE diet, I do not see why we will not live a healthy life with a strong body."
- PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry - India

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- Journalist - U.S.

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- PhD APRN, Professor Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing - U.S.

"Thank you, I checked out your website. My two younger brothers are MDs, and I wish they had your insight and courage."
- Chiropractor and Author - U.S.

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- The Survivors Art Foundation

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- Nurse - Australia

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- PhD in Clinical Psychology - U.S.

"I read your letter to the editor, 'Society and Superiority,' in BMJ (British Medical Journal). It's the best I've seen lately - a doctor admitting the truth, instead of the patient."
- Nurse - U.K.

"I like your website and your ideas. Many of your ideas seem familiar to me. Eating well takes some experience and skill, but mostly it takes love to cook tasty nutritious food for yourself. Thanks for writing!"
- MD, Family Practice - U.S.

"My sister-in-law in California sent your website to me. After reading your website, I decided to change my diet. In Beijing, I found organic vegetables and eggs, but sometimes I doubt whether they are really organic. But there is not much choice in Beijing. There's a lot of air pollution here, and they use toxic chemicals to make food look pretty and fresh. They even sell fake eggs, made to look like real eggs. I told my friends in Beijing and Hong Kong that we need to eat organic food, but they thought I was too sensitive about food. But my sister-in-law and I both believe that an organic diet is best. We are sending your website to all our friends. Thank you for your useful information."
- Wife and Mother - China

"Your website is great and you should be congratulated."
- Holistic Dentist - Australia

"I want to let you know that there are many of us out here that agree with your personal practice. I find myself now living in an area with a huge percentage of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and kidney disease, and this includes many healthcare workers. I speak to all my patients regarding self-care and nutrition, fresh air and exercise, but I see many on a return basis with no change in habits. Many of my co-workers are beginning to ask me questions regarding nutrition, and why I put so much thought into my diet. This is a good sign. I have a goal to promote more community and family education, and I have started in a small way with my ICU patients and families. I was happy to read your information, and I am sure you are reaching many minds out there."
- Nurse - U.S.