YOUR HEALTH DEPENDS ON YOU is divided into three sections:
1) Home, 2) Hygiene, and 3) Personal.

Your home is an extension of your body. Keep it safe, clean, and organized.
Avoid falls, cuts, burns...
Use fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors. Keep fire extinguishers ready.
Avoid toxic chemicals: pesticides, herbicides...
Avoid microwave ovens.
Remove allergens: pets (especially cats), dust, smoke, carpeting...
Clean your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom frequently.
Humidify in the winter; de-humidify in the summer.
Avoid aerosols, hairspray, hair dyes, cosmetics, anti-perspirants, perfume, incense, tattoos, body-piercing...
Avoid fluorescent lighting.
Minimize exposure to TV and CRT screens.
Open your windows frequently to allow for cross-ventilation.

Always wash your hands before handling food and before eating.
Use vegetable-based soap (coconut, palm, olive).
Clean fruits and vegetables well before peeling or eating.
Store cooked food in airtight containers.
Pay attention to food safety, and avoid food poisoning. Remember that food can be contaminated with toxic chemicals, insects, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and dirt.
Use an oral irrigator after every meal. Oral irrigation is more effective and gentler than flossing. Occasionally, oral irrigation fails to dislodge food stuck between teeth, and gentle flossing is required.
Brush your teeth at bedtime with an electric toothbrush. There are two kinds of electric toothbrushes: oscillating and sonic. I prefer oscillating electric toothbrushes, because they are safer and gentler. Use a non-fluoride natural toothpaste.
Speak to your dentist about using composite fillings and porcelain crowns and bridges.
See a periodontist for scaling and root-planing, but try to avoid periodontal surgery.
Rinse your nose with lukewarm slightly salty water every day.
Turn your socks inside out before washing.
Avoid the routine use of anti-bacterial products: anti-bacterial soap, anti-perspirants, mouthwash...
Shower twice a day, and take a warm bath once a week.

Wear comfortable clothes and sandals. Organic clothing is ideal.
Use a high-quality foam mattress and pillow.
Protect yourself from excess sun exposure. Wear sunglasses and a hat outdoors.
Stretch gently, breathe deeply, take leisurely walks and short naps.
Find an aerobic activity you enjoy and can do regularly without pain. (Consult your physician, especially if you have chronic health problems.)
Ask your physician about using an electric massager for musculoskeletal pain.
Express your thoughts and feelings in writing.
Rethink your habits and beliefs. Don't be afraid to make changes in your life.
Study vocabulary, geography, and different cultures. Learn to appreciate diversity.
Develop new interests, meet new people, make new friends.
Cultivate an open mind and an open heart. Avoid prejudice, elitism, cults, and gurus.
Search for spirituality. Practice prayer, kindness, humility, gratitude, charity, forgiveness, and honesty.
Learn to accept silence and solitude.
Find a balance between pessimism and optimism, cynicism and trust, caution and courage, realism and idealism.
Avoid self-destructive behavior, such as dangerous sports and gambling.
Avoid unnecessary competition, criticism, guilt, and debt.
Think, plan, and slow down.