Drink 6-8 glasses of good bottled water or filtered tap water.
Take 1/4 teaspoon fresh-squeezed organic lemon (or lime) juice in a large glass of good bottled water.
Drink 2 glasses of ultra-pasteurized, homogenized, organic fresh whole milk.
Drink 1 small glass of unsweetened organic purple grape juice.
Take 1/2 teaspoon high-quality wheat germ oil.

EAT FREQUENTLY (seek variety)
Fresh organic fruits and vegetables.
Organic whole grains.
Organic unsweetened whole grain bread and pasta.
Organic whole milk, cheese, and butter.
Organic unsalted well-roasted nuts and seeds.
Organic nut and seed butters.
Organic beans. Cook well and save stock for soups and grains.
Grain-fed eggs. Cook well.
Plain non-iodized sea salt in moderation.
Organic extra-virgin olive oil in moderation.

Use oral irrigator after each meal. Use electric toothbrush twice a day. Minimize exposure to TV and CRT screens. Remove allergens such as carpeting, pets, drapes, upholstered furniture. Clean bedding frequently. Use high-quality foam mattress and pillow. Vacuum and dust frequently. Rinse nose with lukewarm slightly-salty water every day. Wear hat and sunglasses outdoors and avoid excess sun. Exercise regularly, stretch gently, breathe deeply, slow down, take leisurely walks and short naps. Pursue prayer, creative hobbies, and good friends.

Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, sweets, honey, artificial sweeteners/flavors/colors, potato/corn chips, margarine, raw milk, skim milk, buttermilk, yogurt, fried/canned/refined/enriched foods, meat, fish, fad diets, vitamin/mineral/herbal supplements, amalgams, metal crowns & bridges, over-the-counter medicines, microwave ovens, aerosols, hair dye, cosmetics, anti-perspirants, anti-bacterial soap, mouthwash, perfume, and incense.